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Mold Assessment Consultants of Texas

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Mold Inspection

Mold Testing

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Honest, Accurate, and Affordable Mold Inspection Services in the Houston, TX Area

If you suspect there may be a mold infestation in your home or commercial building, get in touch with Mold Assessment Consultants of Texas and get an expert opinion you can trust. We use cutting-edge techniques and technology to provide the most accurate and detailed assessments. Our mold inspection and testing services can detect the presence and levels of harmful mold. We also provide asbestos testing and general indoor air quality testing to help property owners improve avoid the health risks posed by dust, allergens, insulation particles, and other indoor air pollutants.


Our services are available to residential homes and commercial properties in the Houston, TX area. Contact us today to discuss your needs with an expert and request a free cost estimate. We are looking forward to meeting you and helping you improve the health and safety of your property.

You Can Trust the Expertise of Our Licensed Professionals

Mold Inspections: Our team performs extensive and thorough inspections that include thermal imaging scans, checking humidity levels, checking carbon dioxide levels, and more. We can inspect and assess mold infestations in both interior and exterior spaces on any type of property.


Mold Testing: We can take both air and surface samples to be analyzed at EMSL, the country’s largest testing facility. You’ll get a detailed report regarding the presence of mold, the type of mold, the levels of mold spores in the air, and other helpful information.


Air Quality Testing: Want to know what’s in your air and ensure that the occupants of your building aren’t at risk? We can test for indoor air pollutants like mold spores, dust, allergens, volatile organic compounds, and more.

Get in Touch with Us Today

For mold and asbestos inspections, we can offer a free cost estimate based on the square footage of the area we will be inspecting. You can also view our Pricing page for pricing info on each of our specific services. Get in touch with us today at (832) 920-3880 to speak with one of our representatives and schedule your service.

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